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Get the facts on battery types, care, and use.

Everything You Need To Know About Batteries

Overview: Battery Basics


Power & Performance: Get More From Your Batteries

BLACK+DECKER batteries are designed to deliver optimal performance for each task. Proper use, care and maintenance will keep your batteries running long and strong.
  • Always charge up a new battery for at least the recommended charge time in user’s manual.
  • You should stop using a battery when you detect a noticeable decrease in power from the tool. Completely running down a battery may damage it.
Check out Lithium.
Lithium-ion is fast-becoming a popular form of portable power because:
  • They’re generally much lighter than other types of rechargeable batteries of the same size and power.
  • Once charged, it holds the charge longer before running down.

Eco-Factor: Recycle Your Batteries

recyclingCollecting and recycling rechargeable batteries is an important part of responsible tool ownership – and in some states, it’s the law.

So BLACK+DECKER makes it easy and free.

Through the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC), our rechargeable batteries are collected and sent to facilities where they are processed to reclaim reusable materials. Learn how and where to recycle here.


Did You Know...

  • The BLACK+DECKER 18V System of cordless tools are the first in their class to qualify for the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® approval mark for their energy-efficient charging systems.
  • Using cordless yard products is a great way to keep gas fumes and exhaust out of your yard (and lungs).

Battery Types: Different Technologies For Different Tools

Nickel Cadmium Battery

Nickel Cadmium

The approximate run time on a fully
charged Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) battery is 15-20 minutes and actual performance
may vary based on usage.

  • Interchangeable with other BLACK+DECKER 18V tools.
  • Under normal household use, the useful life of an 18V NiCd battery is 150-200 full charge cycles before the user will feel that the battery should be replaced.
Lithium Ion Battery

Lithium Ion

A Lithium Ion battery that is not being used will hold a charge for up to 500 days between use, but will need to be recharged before use after that time. Battery life may vary depending upon factors included but not limited to charging conditions, battery maintenance, storage and environmental conditions.

  • Holds a charge up to 500 days between use.
  • 25% lighter than NiCd.
  • 34% smaller than NiCd.
Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Sealed Lead Acid

Sealed lead acid batteries are used with a product that consumes a lot of energy and weight is not a major factor. Recharging is somewhat slow and takes several hours for a full charge. Battery life is around 150 recharges and needs to be charged after every use.

  • Heavy-duty power & performance.
  • Increased run-time as compared to other battery types.
  • The battery is completely sealed and can be stored or charged in any position.

Maintenance and Replacement: Get More Life From Your Batteries

Using, maintaining and storing your battery properly will ensure long life for both the battery and your BLACK+DECKER cordless tools. See your user’s manual for detailed maintenance guidance for your tool’s specific battery, and follow these tips for great results.

Recycling is easy

Have your rechargeable batteries reached the end of their useful life? Recycling starts here.

Tips for battery care

  • Charge new batteries for at least the recommended charge time in user’s manual before the first use to ensure a full charge.
  • Stop using your battery as soon as you feel or hear a substantial decrease in power from the tool. Completely draining a battery may damage it.
  • Charge and store your battery in a cool, dry location – ideally 40°F-70°F (see your user’s manual)
  • Avoid using batteries below 32°F and above 105°F
  • The optimum temperature range for charging batteries is 40°F- 85°F.
  • Recharge for at least the recommended charge time in user’s manual after an extended period off the charger.

Need a new battery?

Need a back-up battery or battery charger to extend run-time – or a fresh battery to replace an old one? Start here.


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