How To Make A Bench Using A Dresser Mirror

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This is a great idea for repurposing a dresser mirror. Ron designed a bench using a large dresser mirror for the back. The upholstered seat is hinged for access to the storage underneath. Each bench will look as different as each mirror will be different. It is easy to have your own original bench.


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Hall benches are very popular right now. Here's a chance to design and make your own using a dresser mirror. It can be as elaborate or simple as you like depending on the mirror you chose. Mirrors are easy to find at thrift stores or yard sales. You might even have a dresser you are tired of or no longer need. The size of the bench is dependant on the width of the mirror but the assembly is the same for each piece. You'll first make a frame. Then enclose the frame with plywood. Next you'll trim the top and make the cut the lid to fit your opening. You'll cut and miter the moldings on the front and the ends. The moldings will be determined as to how elaborate you want you bench to look. The final steps are to paint the bench and upholster the seat. You attach the seat with a piano hinge. The hinge can be cut to fit the size of your upholstered seat, attach it and you're done. Now you can enjoy your personalized bench and listen to all the compliments from your friends and family.

What You'll Need


table saw
saber saw
finish nails
tape measure


one 4x8 sheet 1/2" sanded plywood
4 8' 2x4s
24' of molding (profile your choice)
8' of 1x4 white pine or spruce
1 30" piano hinge
1 24"x48" mdf panel
Material for lid
wood filler


Step 1

Measure the width of the mirror to determine the size of the base.

The width of the mirror was 35 inches and we want the seat to be 20 inches tall and 18 inches deep. The back piece needs to be tall enough to support the mirror. I cut the back 2x4's 60 inches tall and the front 2x4's 28 inches. Next I cut 2 pieces for each end
long enough so when they are nailed to the front and back they measure 18 inches deep. Nail and glue them together to make the end frames.

Step 2

Now you will box in the base using the two end frames

By laying the end frames on their back like the picture
you can spread them apart so the back 2x4s match up with the mirror (remember you are using these as the suports for the Mirror). Next measure the width and cut 4 1x4s to your determined width. Using pocket hole guides drill and attached one each to the top and bottom of the front and back of each frame. Now you have the frame ready for the plywood. Cut the two side pieces each 1\4" wider and leave the extra in the back(you will use 1\4" plywood for the back. Attach the sides with nails and cut and attach the front. When you are done it should look like the picture

Step 3

Cut the bottom for the storage area and trim the sides.

I nail 3\4" cleats to the inside of the bottom and cut a 1\4" piece of plywood to size and fasten to the bottom of the storage area. Next put the trim of your choice on the sides and front. There is an
unlimited number of trims or decoration you could use to dress up the box.

Step 4

Trim the top and cut the lid for the storage.

You will need to trim the edge of the top using 1x4. I notched for the 2x4s and nailed the sides and back down.
The front will remain untrimed because the seat will rest on the front of the case.

Step 5

Now you will fill the nail holes and sand.

We used black and of course you can choose any color that fits your fancy. The mirror needs nothing done but sanding and painting. After this you should also aply two coats of poly. The picture below is the painted base and the lid before it is covered. The arms are not pictured here but they will be cut from 1x4 and notched for the mirror and the back supports. I used brass nut and bolts and brass screws to fasten the mirror and arms.

Step 6

The last task is the seat and fasten mirror to the supports.

The seat is simple once it is cut to size you cut the padding and material to size and staple it to the seat. The seat is attached with the piano hinge. The mirror is attached to the back supports with brass nut and bolts and the arms are attached to the frame. The bench is assembled this way so you can take the mirror off for transporting.



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