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My 4 yr old got this as a surprise from his grandma, the toy & tools are really neat, but all he keeps asking is for more "wood" so he can build something, as there is only a few pieces. So, I thought I could buy a set with pretend "wood" to build different things, but there isn't any available. My son would play with this more if he had things to work on, not just tools in his hand, and nothing for the tools to "fix" or "build". Wish we would have got the Step 2 Workshop, it has things to build
By Workbench/Shop Toy

be sure to purchase an extra spool or two of line
By ljhaynes4

This hand pruner conserves energy - mine!
By frogalot works

I think the cultivator is very helpful and used as designed, can help a home gardener a lot. However, the 45 min. max usage is frustrating followed by a 9 hr. recharge on the battery. I wish the battery either lasted longer, preferably at least one hour or the recharge time was a couple hours, three max.
By robertf

Be sure you have limited need for extended use of 20v max blower and string trimmer
By longgshot

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