iShred Vertical Shredder


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Product Details

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions16.13 "
  • Noise Level68 dB
  • Cut Size0.16 "
  • Weight17.9 lbs

1 Year Limited Warranty

Warranted for one (1) years from date of purchase. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from negligent handling, misuse or lack of reasonable maintenance and care. (Proof of purchase maybe required).


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    User Reviews for iShred Vertical Shredder

    0 people recommended the following review
    BadBearDC Wrote:
    The WORST Paper Shredder Ever!
    The product has an unusual shape, and doesn't LOOK like any other paper shredder. Unfortunately, it doesn't WORK like any other paper shredder, either. Even with only one sheet of paper, a warning light often comes on, and it refuses to shred. Because of the unusual shape, the shredder quickly says it is full. Also because of the unusual shape, you can't just flip it over to dump out the shredded paper. Instead, you must carefully shake it out, little-by-little. I usually like Black & Decker, but wonder whether this product underwent ANY testing before it was released.

    The unusually shaped bottom section might make an interesting flowerpot.


    Does not do a good job of what I bought it for: shredding.

    3/17/2012 12:59:19 PM

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