HD Deluxe Sprinkler

MODEL # BD1922

  • The construction of heavy duty non-corrosive zinc and brass makes this sprinkler more durable and longer lasting
  • The sprinkler has more than on setting it is adjustable from partial to full circle
  • The step spike provides more leverage
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Product Details

Key Features

  • Construction of heavy duty non-corrosive zinc and brass
  • More than one setting
  • Step spike


  • More durable and will last longer
  • Adjustable from partial to full circle
  • Provides more leverage

What's Included

  • single item


  • watering

Technical Specifications

  • TypeSprinkler

Please refer to this product's instruction manual for specific warranty information


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    User Reviews for HD Deluxe Sprinkler

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    Eick Wrote:
    Lasted three weeks
    The spring which holds the pulsating bar under tension came unhooked after only three weeks. Now it doesn't turn; it just sprays straight ahead. I spent 40 minutes trying to re-fasten the spring, but no luck.

    Adjustable distance


    Poor quality

    7/14/2013 12:13:16 AM

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