4V MAX* Lithium GYRO™ Rechargeable Screwdriver


  • Gyroscopic Technology changes the direction and speed based upon the motion of your wrist for increased control
  • Lithium Battery holds a charge up to 18 months.
  • LED work light illuminates work area
  • Compact for use in tight spaces
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Product Details

Key Features

  • Gyroscopic Technology
  • Lithium Battery
  • LED Light
  • Compact


  • Senses your motion for increased control with variable speed and forward/reverse
  • Holds a charge up to 18 months
  • Illumnates project area
  • For use in tight spaces

What's Included

  • BDCS40G Gyro Screwdriver
  • Charger
  • (2) 1" Screwdriving Bits


  • Furniture assembly
  • Hanging curtain rods, blinds and other decor
  • General household repair

Technical Specifications

  • rpm180 rpm
  • Battery TypeLithium
  • Voltage4

2 Year Limited Warranty

Black & Decker (U.S.) Inc. warrants this product for two (2) years against any defects in material or workmanship. The defective product will be replaced or repaired at no charge in either of two ways.

The first, which will result in exchanges only, is to return the product to the retailer from whom it was purchased (provided that the store is a participating retailer). Returns should be made within the time period of the retailer?s policy for exchanges (usually 30 to 90 days after the sale). Proof of purchase may be required. Please check with the retailer for their specific return policy regarding returns that are beyond the time set for exchanges.

The second option is to take or send the product (prepaid) to a Black & Decker owned or authorized Service Center for repair or replacement at our option. Proof of purchase may be required. Black & Decker owned and authorized Service Centers are listed under "Tools-Electric" in the yellow pages of the phone directory.

This warranty does not apply to accessories. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights which vary from state to state or province to province. Should you have any questions, contact the manager of your nearest Black & Decker Service Center. This product is not intended for commercial use.

LATIN AMERICA: This warranty does not apply to products sold in Latin America. For products sold in Latin America, check country specific warranty information contained in the packaging, call the local company or see the website for warranty information.

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    User Reviews for

    4V MAX* Lithium GYRO™ Rechargeable Screwdriver

    0 people recommended the following review
    checota Wrote:
    The Gyro is great
    I love this cordless screwdriver . When I'm in a tight spot I never have to stop and turn the screwdriver to back out . I had one for years and it lasted years more than I expected . This Gyro is so handy.

    everything at this point


    Haven't found one yet

    10/31/2014 12:55:18 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    Motorfun46 Wrote:
    Nice tool
    I do maintenance at an Inn and purchased it as a companion tool to my B&D LI4000 Smart Select screwdriver which I have had for over 3 years and continue to use regularly. The Gyro is a good, easy to use screwdriver and makes quick work when disassembling and reassembling projects with #8 and smaller screws. I like that the screwdriver speeds up and slows down with a twist of the wrist. I also like the light weight of the tool as compared to using a drill/driver for the type of work that I do.

    Small and lightweight, LED light very handy, easy to use and to control the speed and torque.


    Nothing to indicate if it is charging or not and the level of charge left.

    10/29/2014 11:25:47 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    CroATM Wrote:
    Great little tool for light 'around the house' projects!
    Used it to assemble my son's Little Tikes fire truck and it worked flawlessly. Very easy to use, drove screws into hard plastic easily and with great control. Nice compact device used in hard to reach places and at difficult angles.

    Ease of use, fit, torque, speed and speed control. LED light comes in very handy. Compact tool yet very useful around the house. Keeps the charge quite well.



    6/2/2014 9:25:35 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    CroATM Wrote:
    Great tool for light around the house projects
    Had the tool for about a month and then used it to assemble my son's little tikes fire-truck. Very easy to use, intuitive and has enough power to drive screws into hard plastic. Really liked the light as well as the speed-control feel. Overall - great experience, will use it again!

    Size, fit in the hand, control and speed, LED light, great torque, ease of use. Small enough to angle and fit in hard to reach places. Simple and very effective.


    Have not found anything yet.

    6/2/2014 9:11:48 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    daragor Wrote:




    5/30/2014 12:08:41 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    ckomet Wrote:
    Perfect for common household chores and small projects
    This has become my most utilized tool for around the house chores such as tightening cabinet screws and for small projects like installing blinds. The charge always lasts for what I use it for and even when it has sat unused for about a month, it still had plenty juice in it to do the task. I usually only throw it on the charger about every 3 months or so for about 12 hours and it has never died on me yet.

    - Excellent life. - Intuitive and easy control. - Palm grip makes it easy to apply strong force when necessary.


    - An indicator on the tool (or even the charger) to indicate battery level. I hate guessing that it is fully charged. - A slimmer profile, especially near the tip.

    3/16/2014 7:34:30 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    Isollae Wrote:
    I Love it, and it holds a charge even tho I haven't used it in months!
    I think its great, does exactly what its supposed to.

    Ease of use.


    I misplaced my charger and can't seem to find a viable replacement for it, so if anyone has let me know! :)

    2/6/2014 6:57:33 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    mrjeff35 Wrote:
    An ok product
    I would like this a lot better if the battery would hold a charge like it says. Even when not using it the battery dies in a week.

    It was compact and handy.


    Battery doesn't hold a charge.

    1/28/2014 2:23:17 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    strat Wrote:
    Works good for what it's made for.
    Nice and small works great for small screws.

    The size and has plenty of power for around the house use.


    I only gave it three stars. I would have it five but.No charging light. For $40.00 it should have came with a charging station.

    12/10/2013 1:29:05 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    txrick2007 Wrote:
    This has been a Great Little Tool that I have got to add to the tool bag and since getting my 1st one I have got one to keep in truck fixed it where I able to keep charging one if needed but it is not one you have to charge it to use it holds charge great
    I use it for a number of different things from taking plug covers off to putting things together with it. I have to say it holds up to what is said about it holding a charge.It is a tool you can use for so many things that you will be saying how did I get by before I got one. But after getting my 1st one I have added one more I keep in the truck and I have fixed it where I am able to charge it when needed. But I have to say that it holds up to what is said.

    I like it for one being small and I am able to change the way I need it to go by the movement of my hand. It holds up to what is said about the charging of it


    Honest I have not found anything I can say about it but good things

    7/18/2013 9:04:19 PM

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