20V MAX* Lithium Drill/Driver with SmartSelect® Technology


  • Lithium Ion Battery - Always Ready, holds a charge up to 18 months
  • SmartSelect® Technology - choose your speed setting with a turn of the dial for best results, it's that simple
  • Variable speed allows drilling & driving in a variety of materials
  • The all metal keyed chuck provides tighter bit grip and long lasting durability
  • Soft grip handle provides added comfort during use
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Product Details

Key Features

  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • SmartSelect® Technology
  • 2 Speeds
  • Metal chuck
  • Soft grip
  • Part of the 20V* MAX System


  • Always Ready. holds a charge up to 18 months
  • Choose your speed setting with a turn of the dial for best results. it's that simple
  • For drilling and screwdriving versatility
  • For durability
  • Provides added comfort
  • A System that Demands Attention

What's Included

  • SSL20 20V Max drill/driver
  • (2) LB20 20V Max batteries
  • (1) LCS20 Charger
  • (1) Double-ended screwdriver bit tip
  • (1) Storage Bag


  • Drilling Holes through wood, metal and plastic
  • Screwdriving into wood, metal and plastic

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage20
  • Torque175 in-lbs
  • rpm in High Speed Applications0-1500 rpm
  • rpm in High Torque Applications0-400 rpm
  • Chuck Size3/8 "
  • Power SourceCordless

2 Year Limited Warranty

Black & Decker (U.S.) Inc. warrants this product for two (2) years against any defects in material or workmanship. The defective product will be replaced or repaired at no charge in either of two ways.

The first, which will result in exchanges only, is to return the product to the retailer from whom it was purchased (provided that the store is a participating retailer). Returns should be made within the time period of the retailer?s policy for exchanges (usually 30 to 90 days after the sale). Proof of purchase may be required. Please check with the retailer for their specific return policy regarding returns that are beyond the time set for exchanges.

The second option is to take or send the product (prepaid) to a Black & Decker owned or authorized Service Center for repair or replacement at our option. Proof of purchase may be required. Black & Decker owned and authorized Service Centers are listed under "Tools-Electric" in the yellow pages of the phone directory.

This warranty does not apply to accessories. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights which vary from state to state or province to province. Should you have any questions, contact the manager of your nearest Black & Decker Service Center. This product is not intended for commercial use.

LATIN AMERICA: This warranty does not apply to products sold in Latin America. For products sold in Latin America, check country specific warranty information contained in the packaging, call the local company or see the website for warranty information.

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    User Reviews for 20V MAX* Lithium Drill/Driver with SmartSelect® Technology

    0 people recommended the following review
    DrillerJon Wrote:
    good drill
    I've got two, drill with them 8 hrs straight,building workbench's & screwing chicken wire to post, will outlast my wrist. Will purchase two more for my shop soon.

    lots of torque & battery life


    battery release from charger

    11/29/2013 11:56:48 AM

    0 people recommended the following review
    SmokingMotor Wrote:
    Bad product - 2 burned out motors with light use; appallingly poor reliability !
    > Purchased January 2011. Charged batteries, checked out operation, and then did not use for almost 5 months. After driving a dozen or so screws and drilling a few holes - all light duty work - the motor sparked, smoked and died. I drove 25 miles to the nearest authorized service center (Santa Clara CA to Hayward CA). The service center accepted the drill as a warranty return. A few weeks later a replacement was shipped to me. . 2 years later - the drill had not been used much, until recently it was used to drive #8 wood screws. Pilot holes were used (different drill) so the screw driving was relatively light duty work. After driving 65 screws (over several days)- sparks and smoke from the motor - AGAIN! The 2 year warranty is past - but I may be able to make a claim under my credit card warranty extension. BUT - why would I want another replacement drill with such a short lifetime? > I had high hopes for this drill - but I have to absolutely recommend AGAINST buying one.

    Batteries hold charge very well - for months ! Much better than NiCad batteries. Compact size, relatively light weight. Torque limits appear to work well. For light work loads - I have found the 1.5 Ah batteries to be adequate. - especially with 2 batteries provided with this product model.


    > With only light work loads and short total run times, I have burned out the original drill, and its warranty replacement. One burned out motor is bad luck - getting the random defective product. Two burned out motors is a strong indication of an inferior, poorly designed product. > The chuck takes some getting used to - but it is never really good. This chuck requires two hands for tightening. Many other keyless chucks require only one hand. The chuck is so short, that it is tough to get a grip on it for sufficient tightening.

    8/24/2013 4:56:40 AM

    0 people recommended the following review
    toolchick Wrote:
    great for most applications around the house.
    I love this drill. A little heavy for my small wrist but it gets the work done in good time. I am especially enamored of the 20 V. Li-ion battery that holds and holds and holds a charge.

    It's power and ability to dial a torque setting for the job at hand.


    The fact that it broke down after 6 months of sporadic home useage. It has been replaced by Lowes.

    4/12/2012 7:06:09 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    KirbyLee Wrote:
    I picked one of these up with carry case and assortment of bits and tools for 50 bucks red tagged at walmart. Couldn't pass it up at the price but even at the normal 70 price tag it would be well worth it. I hear a lot of complaints about the adjustable clutch on this that prevents over torque. I find that feature to be of the most use to me particularly. I do a lot of smaller inside jobs with this gun. The fact that this will not over torque and strip out screws or over drive them into things is perfect. It has prevented a lot of problems I had with some of the other guns I have used that have harsh torque on them. If you want a gun that will be delicate enough for fine work this one is the absolute perfect and pretty much only choice for that. But if you want a powerhouse gun that is going to really sink a screw in hard you should look at other models. I have the 12v firestorm. That gun is a better choice for more serious work.

    Clutch prevents over torque which is perfect for more delicate jobs where over torque is a problem. All around great gun for light duty or delicate interior jobs. Works great for quick furniture assembly where power tools would normally cause damage. The price is unheard of for such a quality tool.


    You must buy a second battery pack. This one only comes with one and to me that is a con. Most good guns come with 2 packs to allow alternating between charging. A minor con considering the price point.

    2/5/2012 3:18:29 AM

    0 people recommended the following review
    WILDBILL1326 Wrote:
    GREAT PRODUCT Small & lightweight, Long battery life, and reasonably priced at Loew's for $69
    So far works great and no problems

    Battery life and light weight


    No cons yet!

    12/10/2011 7:04:25 AM

    0 people recommended the following review
    Bob Fagan Wrote:
    Drill itself is user friendly: light weight, good power and easy to handle.
    Works fine as long as there are flat sides for the chuck to grip as a with a hex screw driver, however, it's worthless when a drill bit starts breaking through anything metal as the bit slips in the chuck. Then it's a chore to back the bit out and keep trying until the hole is completely through.

    Easy to use, strong for it's size and the long lasting lithium battery. Use a better chuck and it would be a 5 star product.


    Has to be the worst chuck I have ever used. Cannot tighten enough to keep a drill from slipping. No gripping power at all.

    9/18/2011 7:11:49 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    ewetho Wrote:
    Seems fairly nic cordless screw driver for the price
    I got this for light duty around the house and home projects. So far it has been very very good. The one thing that bugged me and made me almost choke was the 5-8 hour battery charge?!!??!!! YIKES! At least I got a spare to go with it but at $50 was almost what I paid for the drill-driver. Drilled holes even into the studs on lower settings without complaint and on lowest setting did my gutter drains without stripping. NICE!!!

    Seems to work very well


    Battery charge time... Last drills I have had all had an express feature to give you at least most of a battery charge in fairly short order say hour or less. This was a SHOCK. So if you have a big heavy project with lots of screws say like a fence you might consider this.

    8/21/2011 11:33:06 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    almuzyien Wrote:
    i purchased this devide and it's gorgeous
    i believe that black and decker is great brand which suit to every parts of our house need and life need

    cordless drills and drill bits


    satisfy my tool box needs whether at house or out door

    5/30/2011 12:33:41 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    Phil.A.Howard Wrote:
    Excellent Product for a Mid-Range Price
    I purchased this from Menards at $90.00. I was using an old Dewalt that burned out...finally. This gun was not the most expensive, but it is a brand that I know so I went for it. I have been using it just about non-stop for the last month. I build sets for children’s theatre shows and go from heavy to light use with it. This thing won't quit! The lithium battery makes it light weight so I don't feel like I am working out every time I lift it. It holds a long charge and is powerful enough to drill through multiple 2x4's in a row. It is an excellent gun for the price.

    Battery lasts forever (and it comes with two so you can constantly be charging one) Light weight Powerful Sturdy Design The charger automatically shuts off when the battery is charged so you are not over working the battery either.


    The only con I can think of has to do with the "Smart Select" function. This function is really only useful if you are drilling pilot holes for all your screws. Otherwise the gun does not have enough torque at the lower settings. I keep it on the “drill bit” setting for the majority of my work.

    5/19/2011 2:02:59 PM

    0 people recommended the following review
    hoser Wrote:
    Meets all my expectations
    I bought it to replace the older 14.4 volt Firestorm Drill. I have use it from light work to heavy drilling. It works great.

    It is a lighter product from the older one. Battery never loses its charge just sitting. It has a 1/2 in. chuck, easier to select drilling options, price is right. I will be able to use the battery for other tools such as the grass trimmer.


    I cannot find anything to dislike about this drill.

    4/12/2011 2:16:34 PM

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