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Curb appeal —making your home attractive at first glance—is a source of pride for many homeowners. Are you doing all you can to maximize your home’s curb appeal? Here are a few tips for trimming and edging, creating lawn patterns, and enhancing appeal with landscape plantings.
By BlackAndDecker

You can look at pruning shrubs and trimming hedges as a chore, or you can look at it as a creative outlet. Many new gardeners don’t feel they are up to the task and put it off. But it’s much better if you start pruning your shrubs right away when they are young and continue to do minor annual pruning each year rather than let them get overgrown and end up needing major renewal pruning. Regular pruning also helps promote healthier shrubs that produce more blooms.
By BlackAndDecker

Ah, spring. Take advantage of the season and prepare your lawn for maximum lushness. Now is the time to repair dead patches, apply fertilizer, and aerate and top dress.
By BlackAndDecker

Landscape beds dress up a plain, green yard and provide supple ground for growing perennials, annuals, vegetables, or whatever greenscape you choose to plant. Use your imagination! The shape, size, and location of a landscape bed is really up to you. In the project shown here, you’ll learn how to create a landscape bed with curved edges by using a garden hose to outline the bed shape before you break ground. This bed features plastic edging, which is installed before amending soil.
By BlackAndDecker

Mulch is the dressing on a landscape bed, but its benefits run deeper than surface appeal. Mulch protects plant and tree roots, prevents soil erosion, discourages weed growth, and helps the ground retain moisture. No matter what type of mulch you choose, application technique is critical. Follow these easy steps for mulching this Spring for a healthier landscape all year!
By BlackAndDecker

Horseshoes has been played for thousands of years, and is an easy game to set up in the back or side yard. A permanent horseshoe pit is a fun, easy project to build.
By BlackAndDecker

A low picket fence adds curb appeal and a cozy sense of enclosure to a front yard or entry area without blocking views to or from the house. Building a custom picket fence from scratch is a great do-it-yourself project. The small scale and simple structure of the basic fence design make it easy to add your own creative details and personal touches. In this project, you’ll see how to cut custom pickets and build a fence using standard lumber.
By BlackAndDecker

If you’re looking for a fast-and-easy, down-and-dirty backyard project for kids, this sandbox is for you! At four-foot square, this is a great sandbox for the backyard. This versatile sandbox couldn’t be easier to build, yet it will delight kids of all ages and is very inexpensive to make.
By BlackAndDecker

A firepit is a backyard focal point and gathering spot. The one featured here is constructed around a metal liner, which will keep the fire pit walls from overheating and cracking if cooled suddenly by rain or a bucket of water. The liner here is a section of 36-inch-diameter corrugated culvert pipe. Check local codes for stipulations on pit area size. Many codes require a 20-foot-diameter pit area.
By BlackAndDecker

Cornhole, also known as Beanbag toss was invented, by most accounts, during the darkness of the middle ages in Europe. Lost for centuries, it was rediscovered in the back woods of Kentucky in the 19th century. However, the basic idea of the game—throw something at a target—has existed uninterrupted for many thousands of years.
By BlackAndDecker

be sure to purchase an extra spool or two of line
By ljhaynes4

This hand pruner conserves energy - mine!
By frogalot works

I think the cultivator is very helpful and used as designed, can help a home gardener a lot. However, the 45 min. max usage is frustrating followed by a 9 hr. recharge on the battery. I wish the battery either lasted longer, preferably at least one hour or the recharge time was a couple hours, three max.
By robertf

Shown as a cutaway, this shed illustrates many of the standard building components and how they fit together.
By BlackAndDecker

Finish a deck with clear sealer-preservative or staining sealer. Sealer-preservatives protect wood from water and rot, and are often used on cedar or redwood because they preserve the original color of the wood.
By BlackAndDecker

Vinyl and composite decking may be easier to maintain and more durable than solid wood, but these materials aren’t completely exempt from a bit of cosmetic cleanup now and again.
By BlackAndDecker

Wood decking continues to be the preferred choice over composite decking, primarily due to price. Although the perception of composite decking is changing as it grows in popularity, when you think about a deck, chances are you still imagine the surface covered in real wood.
By BlackAndDecker

Composite decking has only been around for a few decades, but it’s a compelling option to consider for your deck.
By BlackAndDecker

I created a five-level butterfly garden with pond and rain barrel to provide Monarchs a place to rest and get energy on their annual migration trip to Mexico.
By BlackAndDecker

Removing an existing concrete pad and installing an new stone patio and pergola turned this backyard into a place that doesn't make my left eye twitch uncontrollably.
By DIYdiva

I used recycled wine and beer bottles to make a dragon that appears to swim through my lawn. The mortar had to be VERY thick.
By BlackAndDecker

We needed to fix our back fence. It was literally falling over. The only thing holding it up was the bushes
By BlackAndDecker

When we moved into our house, there was nothing in the backyard except dirt and rocks. We did all the work ourselves, which made it even more special.
By BlackAndDecker

How long should the 20v lithium last on a complete charge. The first full charge only lasts about 10 minutes. Will this get better with subsequent charges? How long should the battery last on a full charge in the trimmer and blower?
By alanlupinetti

You have created a user-unfriendly site. All I want to do is register my new purchase. I'm doing this for you, but you have made this awkward, confusing and complicated.
By Gesundheit

charging the battery for the black and decker trimmer edger
By Garza

I have 7 year old 18v slide batteries that hold a charge long enough to get the job done. Just bought a new NST2118 Trimmer/ edger that won't last 10 minutes.
By Carol M Adkins

The owners manual indicates if the blade isn't moving quickly to lubricate, but the manual does not say what to lubricate with
By Hesbia

I have a gh700 grasshog that spits out the trim line.it emptyes out the spool in about ten minutes after I replace the old spool with a new one. I was looking for help in trying to remedy this problem.
By jeezdad

Once the battery pack has been used several times, how long should I allow to recharge it? It runs out of power in about 45 min to an hour and did not recharge in 2 hours. After about 20 hrs, the hedge trimmer ran again with the rechaarged battery. but was slow and only held the charge for about 30 minutes. What should I expect?
By beverlysimons44

Ho do I know when my B&D 18V battery is fully charged? The light goes on when I plug it in and stays on.
By Lynn K S

Can you replace the line on a grass hog trimmer with blades? It is a dual line trimmer and it goes through line too quickly so I want to replace it with blades that will last longer.
By paworthen

Can the NST2118 trimmer that uses 18v Ni-Cad, use the 20v Lithium instead?
By Robert T

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