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A low picket fence adds curb appeal and a cozy sense of enclosure to a front yard or entry area without blocking views to or from the house. Building a custom picket fence from scratch is a great do-it-yourself project. The small scale and simple structure of the basic fence design make it easy to add your own creative details and personal touches. In this project, you’ll see how to cut custom pickets and build a fence using standard lumber.
By BlackAndDecker

A low retaining wall built with timbers follows many of the same construction steps as an interlocking block wall.
By BlackAndDecker

We needed to fix our back fence. It was literally falling over. The only thing holding it up was the bushes
By BlackAndDecker

Can I the 2-Speed Quick Clean Sprayer with varnishes for a clear coat on a fence?
By abramski

Chain link fence fell over and I need to Recement the post in the ground. What is proper procedure?
By Allen R. Stanford

Navigator SC500 Handsaw\Jigsaw will not run when plugged in, acts like it is frozen up.
By the texan

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