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Curb appeal —making your home attractive at first glance—is a source of pride for many homeowners. Are you doing all you can to maximize your home’s curb appeal? Here are a few tips for trimming and edging, creating lawn patterns, and enhancing appeal with landscape plantings.
By BlackAndDecker

You can look at pruning shrubs and trimming hedges as a chore, or you can look at it as a creative outlet. Many new gardeners don’t feel they are up to the task and put it off. But it’s much better if you start pruning your shrubs right away when they are young and continue to do minor annual pruning each year rather than let them get overgrown and end up needing major renewal pruning. Regular pruning also helps promote healthier shrubs that produce more blooms.
By BlackAndDecker

Ah, spring. Take advantage of the season and prepare your lawn for maximum lushness. Now is the time to repair dead patches, apply fertilizer, and aerate and top dress.
By BlackAndDecker

This hand pruner conserves energy - mine!
By frogalot works

How long should the 20v lithium last on a complete charge. The first full charge only lasts about 10 minutes. Will this get better with subsequent charges? How long should the battery last on a full charge in the trimmer and blower?
By alanlupinetti

charging the battery for the black and decker trimmer edger
By Garza

I have 7 year old 18v slide batteries that hold a charge long enough to get the job done. Just bought a new NST2118 Trimmer/ edger that won't last 10 minutes.
By Carol M Adkins

Ho do I know when my B&D 18V battery is fully charged? The light goes on when I plug it in and stays on.
By Lynn K S

Can you replace the line on a grass hog trimmer with blades? It is a dual line trimmer and it goes through line too quickly so I want to replace it with blades that will last longer.
By paworthen

Can the NST2118 trimmer that uses 18v Ni-Cad, use the 20v Lithium instead?
By Robert T

Are the NST-2018 & NST-2118 batteries and chargers computable or interchangeable with each other ???
By zindorf65

I am considering the purchase of a cordless hedge trimmer. I have a large yard with lots of shrubs and trees.
By dm1bellamy

how fast does the fast charger charge the batteries on lawn mower cm1936zf2?
By mjobs

Battery not charging - is there a way to confirm if it's the battery or another issue ?
By matep

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